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Hand holding a phone showing the Kabata app workout screen with real time workout data.

Personal Trainer at Your Fingertips

Icon of checkmark and checklist

Form correction and guidance

Icon of bar charts

Real-time metrics and performance analytics

Icon of wavelengths in circle

Vibrotactile haptic feedback

Icon depicting stop watch in motion

Personalized data-driven coaching

Icon of lightning bolt

Lightning Mode smart weight adjustment

Icon depicting artificial intelligence chip

AI-powered workouts tailored to you

Powered by future-facing AI and data analytics, Kabata fitness equipment learns from and optimizes to you.

Weights analyze your real-time metrics and preferences to deliver strength training routines uniquely curated for your body.

Muscular male doing a back rowing workout movement while smiling at camera, set in living room

Powered by future-facing AI and data analytics, Kabata fitness equipment learns from and optimizes to you.

Fit female doing a weighted exercise indoors

Dumbbells auto-adjust, rumble, and pulse to guide your tempo, enhance your form, and empower you to keep pushing forward.

Male doing a bicep curl close up to camera
Two females working out together in outdoor setting.  Both are doing overhead tricep extensions.
Kabata app interface showing gamification aspects and 189 XP gained as the user is levelling up from level 6

Strength in numbers

Icon showing bar chart stats increasing

Receive detailed metrics and track your strength training journey

Icon of a star in a ribbon

Climb the live leaderboard to unlock rewards and level up

Icon two profiles and an add button

Follow friends, share workouts, and become part of a global community

Phone mock up showing second screen of Kabata app interface and the gamification aspect.  This screen shows the users top 3 movements and what they did in those sets inline.

Mobile connectivity brings you instantaneous performance metrics on your reps, volume, velocity, time under tension, power and more.

Choose to share your stats, interact with friends, and compete within the global Kabata community - all from your smartphone.

Female doing a shoulder press movement outside in a garden.


Icons of four arrows making a square smaller

12 weights condensed into one minimalist build

Icon depicting textural feature

No-slip, callus-resistant knurled handle

Icon of lightning bolt with two shock waves on outside

Shock-absorbent, scratch-proof, premium Nylon coating

Icon depicting a rotating dial

Stand-alone base dial

Icon depicting a LED light taht is on

Customizable LED lighting

Icon depicting a rectangular screen display

High-resolution LCD display

Close up of one of the Kabata dumbbells, showing the Kabata K on the side of the dumbbell emphasising the products refined design
Close up of the stand-alone base dial and the circular screen on which we see the current weight is set at '60' lbs.

Change weight with unmatched speed via the stand-alone base dial, predictive Lightning Mode, or the Kabata mobile app - and go from 5 to 60 lbs in under two seconds.

Close up photo of the Kabata stand-alone base dial.
Stand-Alone Base Dial
Select weight manually on the Kabata base with the turn of a single dial.
Female standing over Kabata dumbbells in the base picking up one fully loaded dumbbell.  Image has a bright and minimal living room setting and a grey workout mat in the backgriound.
Lightning Mode
Allow predictive AI to auto-adjust the weight between sets for your most effective next movement.
Male holding phone showing the weright adjustment pup up widget within the app screen
Kabata Mobile App
Input selection directly into the mobile app to initiate responsive weight change.
Icon of Left Arrow
Icon of right arrow


Kabata dumbbells sitting in their base, using studio lights to highlight their unique shape and physical product design

State-of-the-art engineering replaces 12 sets of dumbbells with one minimalist design you won’t want to hide away.

Close up of Kabata base showing the details of the Kabata word mark next to the stand-alone dial..

Plus, weights are rattle and slip-free for an almost-silent lift with a sleek intensity to make you feel unstoppable.

Close up image of the Kabata dumbbell handle with the well crafted grip texture.
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